Coronavirus Lockdown – Getting your Presentation Online

Note: This page is there to help you with a recording that can then be uploaded to StudOn.
There is a wide range of tools available to record your presentations and this selection is somewhat arbitrary. Still, I hope it will be helpful. The most important point is, however, that you should use whatever is easiest for you. Don’t focus on the technology, focus on your presentation!

Microsoft PowerPoint

Many students use PowerPoint for their slides anyway because Microsoft offers free software via programmes such as theĀ Microsoft Landesvertrag Sachsen. You can find a short tutorial here:



The cloud service loom is free and independent of other software. It will also work on a Mac and if your version of PowerPoint does not support recordings. A colleague from the TU Dresden has created a video introduction for this:


If both methods mentioned above do not work for you, e.g. because your computer does not have a microphone, you can use your phone to record a presentation.

  1. Record a video or even just an audio track of yourself giving the presentation. If you create a PowerPoint recording as explained above, PowerPoint will at the same time save the times for all the animations and durations of slide display, and you can create a video of the slideshow. I can combine these two files for you automatically in OpenCast/Moodle.
  2. Go into a Zoom meeting and record yourself. This can even be done with a landline phone by dialing in (not on the free Zoom version, though, but let me know if you need this set up).

Obtaining Good Audio Quality

Microphones built into laptops these days are of a surprisingly high quality. However, your room is not a recording studio, which means that the audio quality will usually suffer the further away you are from your microphone. If you have a laptop that has only one jack (combined for headphones and microphone), you should be able to use the earbuds with microphone that came with your phone. Alternatively, a simple PC headset with a microphone will also allow for an improved audio quality.

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